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Life Skills - Action Management

This section of modules outlines the difference between time management and action management. Learn what actions to take in your daily action plan to achieve success. Discover the specific do's and don'ts in your daily actions that lead to the most sales.

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Daily Plan
This module outlines how to have an effective daily plan. Learn the exact things you must do to be successful and how to plan those things in your day. Discover the pitfalls that most people make that kills their activity and how to avoid those pitfalls.
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Stop Doing vs. To-Do List
Discover how most people use To-Do lists incorrectly and how it keeps them from being successful. Learn the concept of Stop-Doing and how to use this as a springboard to success.
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Selling Partner
Learn why all salespeople should have a selling partner exactly how you can use the selling partner process to increase your skill sets, productivity and sales.
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The Magic Principal - Working on the Business
Learn the magic principal of how to work on the business not just in the business. This module outlines how to grow your business exponentially by applying this one fundamental that most salespeople and business people do not apply. 
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Learn who to use self-evaluation to elevate your skills and performance. 
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4 D's of Action Management
Disover  the 4'S principal of action management and hhow to make smart decisions with your time and all things that come your way that you need to make decisions on. Learn how successful people apply this principle and how unsuccessful people never seem to master this key component. Discover what to action on and when as well as what not to take action on.
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Understanding Your Dealership's Traffic
Learn how to make your dealership work as hard for you as you do for it. Learn how to understand the normal traffic flow of your dealership so you can correctly set up an effective daily work plan.
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Stop the Train
Learn how to use the "Stop the Train" productivity process in your business to keep from going off course in your business and results. 
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Daily Plan: How am I Doing?
Discover how to implement an effective daily plan to ensure success in your sales and business.
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Weekly Action Recap
Learn how to implement an effective "Weekly Action Recap" plan for your sales and business. You must weekly review, recap your business so you can preview your adjustments and next steps. Learn how to work as hard on your business as you do in your business to grow your success.
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Jump Into Your Day

A tip to starting each day off on the right foot

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Preparation & Planning

Preparation & Planning - Jake’s Football Workout Manual

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