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2018 Modules


Communication Methods iconCommunication Methods

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Communication Methods

Communication Methods – calls, text message, video emails maximize contact with customer and we must communicate the way they prefer

BDC Basic Ratios iconBDC Basic Ratios

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BDC Basic Ratios

BDC Basic Ratios – Contact Ratio, Appt set ratio, Appt show ratio, sold ratio

What a GM or Owner can do to audit a BDC

What a GM or Owner can do to audit a BDC – mystery shop them, pull 10 random customers out of the CRM to listen to calls and see if they have been followed up with consistently

A Successful BDC Tool Kit iconA Successful BDC Tool Kit

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A Successful BDC Tool Kit

A Successful BDC tool kit – Buy in from the top, proper training, the right tools (CRM and equipment)

BDC Opportunities iconBDC Opportunities

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BDC Opportunities

BDC Opportunities – Internet leads, phone ups, unsold customers, equity customers

CRM Set Up iconCRM Set Up

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CRM Set Up

CRM – set up correctly with automated follow up for maximum productivity daily

CRM Reporting iconCRM Reporting

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CRM Reporting

CRM reporting – what should be in a report for sales floor and BDC, have reports emailed automatically so management doesn’t have to sort and filter the CRM

CRM Power User iconCRM Power User

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CRM Power User

CRM Power User – What this employee can do in house to ensure consistent and accurate usage

CRM Must Have’s iconCRM Must Have’s

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CRM Must Have’s

CRM Must Have’s – texting, mobile app, integration with other programs

Choosing a CRM iconChoosing a CRM

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Choosing a CRM

Choosing a CRM – CRM must show you capabilities, not tell you, 3 references, and what they are responsible for and what the dealership is responsible for