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Do You Worry? iconDo You Worry?

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Do You Worry?

Do You Worry?

How to Get Quality Employees iconHow to Get Quality Employees

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How to Get Quality Employees

BDC interview process - submit video resume, phone call interview, schedule an email interview and face to face is the last step

BDC Support Position iconBDC Support Position

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BDC Support Position

2 times a week go back and call all internet leads, missed appointments, phone ups, unsold this way nothing slips through the cracks

100% T.O. on Phone Calls from the BDC

BDC manager must be able to TO every call, should they not be there or unavailable, BDC reps should TO every call with each other to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Sometimes it takes a second voice confirming what the first voice was explaining. This also builds confidence amongst BDRs and is excellent team building.

BDC/Internet Sales Manager iconBDC/Internet Sales Manager

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BDC/Internet Sales Manager

Integral part of the organization's management team, hire/fire, make executive suggestions such as lead providers, websites, processes that assist the flow of the whole dealership to maximize their time and workload, vendor relationships, they are not tech support, IT, CRM cleanup crew, invest in their training and education, do not empower the wrong person - a true leader and closer needs to manage that department.

BDC Payplans iconBDC Payplans

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BDC Payplans

Pay them on what they can control and pay them well - you will get what you pay for - fan of tier level pay plans based on performance - if they perform beyond the set goals, they get more bonus pay. A few examples of what to pay on are appt shows, response time on internet leads, closing ratio, call volume. Do not pay on appointment set!