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Life Skills - Attitude

Learn the specific information and techniques in gaining and maintaining a high performance attitude. Learn how to distinguish the difference between the conscious and subconscious mind and how this influences everything you do in your life. Learn proper anchoring techniques to quickly move into a high performance selling attitude and how to stay there.

Life Skills - Goal Attainment

Discover how to not only set goals but to achieve them. Learn the secrets of why most people do not reach their goals or New Years Eve Resolutions and how you can break through to reach yours. Discover the specifics to set and reach the highest of goals.

Life Skills - Action Management

This section of modules outlines the difference between time management and action management. Learn what actions to take in your daily action plan to achieve success. Discover the specific do's and don'ts in your daily actions that lead to the most sales.

Life Skills - Education

Invest in yourself

Sales Skills

High Performance Selling, High Performance Negotiating, Phone Dynamics - In these modules you will receive extensive information on all types of sales skills. The information ranges from sales skills involved in any part of the sales process from handling in-bound phone calls, meeting and greeting customers through strategies for negotiating and closing.

Sales Skills - Phone Dynamics

This module focuses on how to deliver great customer service via inbound or outbound phone calls.

Sales Skills - High Performance Negotiating

High Performance Negotiating

People Skills

Discover the detailed people skills neccessary to observe and communicate effectively with clients. Learn the differences of communicating properly with the information age buyer, This section involves specific information such as active listening skills, understanding body language, identifying personality types and how they differ in the buying process as well as the different information processing styles of customers and how this affects their decision making.

Networking, Marketing & Prospecting

Learn specific actions to take in marketing and prospecting to create your own business within a business. Discover how to quickly remove yourself from the dependency of walk-in traffic and create a steady stream of customers. Learn how to work specific niches and create your own brand.

Internet BDC

Internet Business Development Center

Internet CRM

Internet CRM