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People Skills

People Skills – These modules are based on the people part of management. Topics include the following: how to recruit, hire, train, retain, motivate, educate and hold people accountable, Other areas are, leadership, management processes, traits of successful managers, do's and don'ts of successful managers and more.


Process – These modules are based on developing processes in your dealership. Topics include the following: Sales process, desking/deal process, recon process, day-weekly-monthly-yearly management process and more.


Product – These modules are based pom your inventory – Topics include the following: New inventory, used inventory, merchandising, wholesale tips, creating a proper mix, tiered turn policies and more.


Positioning – These modules are based upon developing positioning for your dealership. Topics include the following: Advertising, marketing, online marketing, branding, networking, mass media tips, direct mail tips, social media tips and more.

F&I Skills

F&I Skills